“Welcome to Morgan’s winter newsletter. With so much activity in the Morgan world recently, we hope that you enjoy this roundup of our last few months. After another brilliant year for the company, we’re firmly looking towards 2022 and an all-new three-wheeled model. For now, enjoy our rather muddy Christmas video and have a wonderful Christmas and new year.”

Steve Morris, Chairman & CEO, Morgan Motor Company


When the Morgan Motor Company launched the Plus Four CX-T, its most wild special project to date, it was almost inevitable that the model would be used for something out of the ordinary.

So, when 19-year-old sheet metal apprentice Hamish Cameron-Eveleigh was sent to collect the factory Christmas tree, there was only one vehicle in the Morgan car park he was going to pick. While all eight customers vehicles have been sold, the development prototype car – showing the battle scars from its intensive programme of testing, along with some subtle differences to the production vehicles – was the perfect tool for the job.

Of course, collecting a Christmas tree in a sports car is nothing new, but seeing one on the roof of an overland Morgan certainly isn’t an everyday sight. And in Morgan’s inimitable style, things in the video get even more unconventional…

Filmed on (and off) closed roads, the video is a light-hearted way to mark the festive period and to remind everyone what this time of year is all about: fun.

The Morgan Motor Company would like to wish everyone a very muddy Christmas and a happy new year!