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According to the records from the MTWC registrar, Steve Lister, OF 7062 has an eclectic lineage. It has the straight bottom tubes on the front typical of a Super Aero from 1927 to 1929 but with other features, like the M type bevel box and oil tank more appropriate to 1929-1933. Pictures from Mike Andrews, a previous owner (1964-1966) show it with a Blackburn radiator and JAP engine. The Birmingham registration number OF7062 was issued in late 1930 but the chassis number M326 (a Deluxe Family model) wasn’t dispatched from the Morgan factory until December 1930. What is known for certain is that in 1968 Alexander Frazier owned it. It was Mr. Frazier who fitted
Aero Van1
Period photo of the original livery by Alexander Frazier

the van box to promote his vintage auto parts business.

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